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Mahesh was born and resides in the southern part of Sri Lanka. In a country where beauty is abundant he developed his passion for art at a young age and pursued it further by studying Fine Art. Following his studies, Mahesh embarked on a career as an art teacher. Within a few years, he gained recognition as a prominent artist in the country, and his artworks were sought after by the government, resulting in commissioned pieces gifted to visiting foreign ministers.

Following his local success, Mahesh’s artworks have been showcased in prestigious art exhibitions around the world, including Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo.

Mahesh’s Inspiration

Mahesh starts paintings at an early age inspired by the wild nature and animals surrounding his homeland, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a country surrounded by a vast ocean, touched by a bright sun, and immersed in a lush rainforest. Mahesh embodies in his painting Sri Lanka’s natural wonders giving born to a painting technique that is full of life and beyond time.

In my art…nothing is thought or studied. Everything is intensely felt

Mahesh’s artistic process is deeply personal and intuitive. He believes that true art comes from a place of pure emotion and authenticity. By letting go of the mind and allowing his heart to guide him, he creates art that inspire and uplift art lovers from all over the world.

*Mahesh’s personal battle against cancer makes him devoting 10% of his profit to the world cancer association

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